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COnovate CEO Recently Featured on the WEDC Website. 

COnovate CEO and WEDC Ambassador Carol Hirschmugl was recently featured on the WEDC website. The article highlights the discovery of eCOphite™ material, the revolutionary composite that has the potential to reshape the supply chain for anode materials for both lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries.  COnovate is using domestic bio-sourced feedstock to make this remarkable cost-effective material with the potential to eliminate the use of mined graphite that is primarily sourced from high-risk geographies and presents significant environmental and health issues.   

The WEDC Ambassador program is a collection of industry leaders from all facets of the economic landscape in Wisconsin. These innovative Wisconsinites actively contribute to WEDC’s overarching goal of building an economy that works for everyone.  COnovate is proud to have our CEO as a representative of innovation within the state. 

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With bio-sourced eCOphite material, COnovate will deliver faster charge times, greater capacity, simplified supply chains, and improved safety that is compatible with existing battery designs and materials.

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