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COnovate Board Member, Craig Rigby, cited in Milwaukee Biztimes

Craig Rigby, COnovate Board Member and Vice President of Technology for Clarios, a Wisconsin based manufacturer of low-voltage batteries, was recently interviewed for a Milwaukee Biztimes article highlighting Wisconsin manufacturers who are innovators in the nationwide effort to transform electronic vehicles. While the U.S. is still in the early stages of fully adopting EVs, Rigby believes the Midwest has been and will continue to be a hotbed for not only vehicle production, but specifically EV production. Rigby pointed to companies like Milwaukee based COnovate and its eCophite™ material which specifically boosts the capacity and charging speed of lithium-ion batteries.  “COnovate is one of several companies leading the way and innovations being born in Wisconsin such as COnovate’s eCOphite™ material will eventually make their way into the next generation of EV’s.” 

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With bio-sourced eCOphite material, COnovate will deliver faster charge times, greater capacity, simplified supply chains, and improved safety that is compatible with existing battery designs and materials.

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