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University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Research Foundation: 2016 Annual Report

Creating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Graphene Monoxide Battery

(page 13) Two UWM physicists are part of a team that discovered a new hybrid semiconducting nanomaterial, Graphene Monoxide (GMO). The material is based on graphene – a single-layer carbon structure. Because the material exhibits superior electrical and thermal conductivity, Marija GajdardziskaJosifovska, professor and dean of UWM’s Graduate School, and Carol Hirschmugl, professor of physics, believe it can improve performance of lithium-ion batteries. Funding from the Catalyst Grant program has helped the team scale up production of GMO. After completing the NSF I-Corps entrepreneurial training program last summer, the professors formed Safeli LLC, completed a license agreement with the UWMRF, and are pursuing support to prove the technology in battery applications.

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