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Conovate Significantly Expands Patent Protection for Bio-Sourced eCOphite Material for Batteries


COnovate, Inc., a Milwaukee based developer of a remarkable new advanced composite material for lithium-ion battery (LIB) and sodium-ion battery (NIB) anodes, announces that the US Patent Office (USPTO) has granted U.S. Patent No. 11807535 entitled “Graphene Monoxide Compositions of Matter and Electrodes Comprising Them”. This patent significantly strengthens coverage for COnovate’s unique eCOphite composite material that features a solid form of graphene monoxide. The claims cover key novel graphene monoxide compositions, process technology and applications in the battery field.  

“This is a game changing development for protecting our core solution for battery anodes. This patent contains many foundational claims that capture well over five years of work from our exceptional research team,” said Dr. Carol Hirschmugl, CEO and Co-founder of COnovate. “We also are working to extend this patent protection to key battery geographies worldwide.” 

COnovate has demonstrated a robust process to produce this material from plentiful bio-sourced material enabling local, sustain supply that mitigates the current dependency on high-risk geographies for graphite. Through the COnovate process, the produced eCOphite materials also deliver enhanced battery performance over other carbon-based electrodes in speed of charging, specific capacity, low temperature operation and/or improved safety.  

The properties of the eCOphite material are distinct from other carbon-oxygen materials, and will also have beneficial performance in many applications, including catalysis applications, corrosion resistance, electrical sensing applications, photonics, 3D printable materials, and composite applications to improve mechanical, electrical and thermal performance.  

This patent is jointly owned with the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee Research Foundation (UWMRF). Through a License Agreement with UWMRF, COnovate has exclusive access and control over the commercialization of this and other existing patents.  

About COnovate: COnovate, Inc. is a seed-stage company with a unique nanomaterial for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), sodium-ion batteries (NIBs) and ultimately other applications. The patented eCOphite™ material is the world’s first known form of solid carbon monoxide (CO) at room temperature and pressure with a unique set of beneficial properties (semiconductor, strong, flexible, stable and thermally conductive). This patented material is made from bio-sourced feedstocks offering localized and sustainable supply versus imported mined materials.  COnovate is initially targeting the battery market where it intends to deliver an evolutionary, drop-in anode material offering higher performance and improved safety from a sustainable, local source.    


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With bio-sourced eCOphite material, COnovate will deliver faster charge times, greater capacity, simplified supply chains, and improved safety that is compatible with existing battery designs and materials.

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